Bronze and Sunflower by Cao Wenxuan


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“Bronze and Sunflower” is a delightful story about a family living in the Jiangsu province, China during the 1960/70s Cultural Revolution. A little orphaned girl, (Sunflower) is adopted by a poor family in the neighbouring village where she and her new brother (a mute called Bronze) become close companions. The book guides you through the village seasons as the family faces trials, and experience moments of great joy. Sunflower wins everyone’s hearts and the story’s pace and themes remind me of Johanna Spyri’s Heidi.


I recommend this book for those…

  • Wishing to read about Chinese life and culture
  • Gain a small insight into the Cultural Revolution
  • Read excellent children’s Chinese literature from one of their best known authors, Can Wenxuan
  • For the themes of love, sacrifice, perseverance, hope and filial piety.

I had no concerns about this book. The edition I read is softcover with 400 pages. It was translated and published by Walker Books, Great Britain, 2005. Children 12 and under will enjoy this book.


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