The Dance of Time by Irene Aparici

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This is an unusual book, but I have been intrigued by it since I first saw it in an online store. It was originally written in Spanish, but the English translation I have reviewed, is readily available.

“The Dance of Time” is created for a young audience to introduce them to the planets and how they orbit around the sun. It is presented as a show with ‘Madam Sun’ as the director and central character, as each planet spins and orbits in a dance of the heavens around her.

“Madam Sun, standing in the centre in an orange dress, lights up the whole stage, while eight dancers rotate around her in a graceful ellipse.

It is a delicate, harmonious dance. As they move around Madam Sun, the dancers twirl each at their own pace.

“Now everyone, remember that you have to do two things at once: spin and orbit,” say Madam Sun at the rehearsals.”

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With each planet there is a brief explanation of how its name came to be. Although the text is presenting factual information, it is all written as a story. The captivating illustrations by Enrique Quevedo turn this publication from a two dimensional book into an experience of wonder for the reader.

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The whole story reminds me of Leonardo DaVinci’s, “Feast of Paradise.” This was a stage spectacular created for a noble marriage. When the curtain lifted, a starry night sky was lit surrounded by mountains. In the middle there was a large turning wheel decorated with the signs of the zodiac and seven costumed people sat upon the wheel as the seven visible planets. The wheel turned and speeches were performed on stage. It was such spectacular sight that people remarked later they thought they were actually getting a glimpse of Paradise.

This simple and beautiful publication is a must for a children’s astronomy book collection. It introduces the solar system in a very unique way and they will want to read it over and over. When they look at the night sky themselves, they will understand that each planet is circling the sun with its own orbit and timing.

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“The Dance of Time is a really cool picture book that is about the planets in our Solar System. It is written from a perspective a kid would understand. It is about Madam Sun who is the director of The Dance of Time.  On every page it tells about the different planets and what Greek/Roman god they are named after. It also has a cool thing at the back of book on how to draw an ellipse. I really like this book as it’s short and easy to read.”

Sarah aged 10

Hardcover: 24 pages
Publisher: Cuento de Luz (September 9, 2014)
ISBN-10: 8416078084
ISBN-13: 978-8416078080

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