Will’s Words How William Shakespeare Changed the Way You Talk by Jane Sutcliffe


I don’t think any child is too young to be introduced to the great playwright, William Shakespeare. They may not necessarily read his writings at age six, but they can definitely hear the plays in story form and read simple books about the man himself.

This publication, “Will’s Words” by Jane Sutcliffe is an excellent book for young readers to learn about Shakespeare, a little of his plays and also how his writing influenced the English language.


The text on each page is divided into two boxes. On the left you have have the narrative which begins by describing the city of London in 1606, the popularity of playhouses, the Globe Theatre, backstage and preparations for a play, how they were performed, the antics of the audience watching, the different types of plays, special stage affects, and finally how Shakespeare’s words influenced the English language.

On the right are words and phrases Shakespeare invented or made popular, with their meaning, and which play they can be found in. You will be surprised at how many sayings we utter today which began in Shakespeare’s mind.


Each page is heavily illustrated with stunning artwork by John Shelly to accompany the text. The detailed pictures alone give you a great insight into the topic, and you can gaze at them forever!

I felt the topic was covered very well for young readers. My only question is whether or not children will actually understand what they are reading unless they are already familiar with Shakespeare. I would recommend using this resource alongside a storybook of his plays to give more context.


I read this story to my seven year old and she loved it. She loved the pictures and recognised the costumes and plays because we have also been reading a storybook of Shakespeare’s works. I will review a great storybook soon.

This book is highly recommended for all young readers of Shakespeare. They will enjoy the pictures and the funny words, and older readers will enjoy the historical context of how the plays were preformed at The Globe.

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(New / Used / Soft and Hardcover / Prices start from $US3.14 on 5 June 2018)

(Softcover / $AUS12.50 on 5 June 2018)

(Kindle / New / Used / Soft and Hardcover / Prices start from $US6.73 on 5 June 2018)

ISBN: 9781580896382
Format: Hardcover
Number Of Pages: 40
Published: 18th July 2016
Publisher: Charlesbridge Pub, USA, 2016

2 thoughts on “Will’s Words How William Shakespeare Changed the Way You Talk by Jane Sutcliffe”

  1. I haven’t myself read any of his works, but I really do want to make up for it! I will be reading and finding books for the kids including this one in my TBR. Thanks for a great review


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